I am a marketing professional, driven by my love for General Aviation.  Time and time again, I have witnessed how small private aviation, has benefited, and enabled small business to grow and compete.  However, it is a sad truth, that most people involved in aviation, love aviation because it has some very unique characteristics, yet don't know how much money they could make in business, sometimes it is the difference between profitability and loss of the business.

As a 6th grader, I dreamed about being a pilot, and flying all over the United States in my own airplane.   I went to college to become a stock broker, because I thought that was where all the money was, and I hated the idea of poverty.  During my college years, I discovered that to be truly successful, you need to have a passion for what you are doing, and aviation has always been my passion.

I pursued my aviation career at age 25, and worked my tail off as a flight instructor, and wasn't making much money.  However, I did get smarter as I went, and learned that interviewing your next student, was a great way of getting them to commit themselves to actually gaining their private pilot license.  As more opportunities arose, I ended up flying charter aircraft, air ambulance, and corporate flying in a Falcon 10 Fanjet. 

After crossing the 6,000 flight hour mark, I began to think about business more than being a pilot.  I had experience in sales, and went to work part time as a charter pilot, part time as an aircraft salesman.  What I learned was that people buy from someone they like and trust.  That like and trust was all about listening to your prospect, and working for them to solve their problems.  I took a sales department that had lost money for 3 consecutive years, and sold over $4,000,000 in product.  Sales has nothing to do with finding out what makes you the most money, but what product works best for the customer...simple, but the successful company does this ordinary thing, extraordinary.

Eventually, I ended up working for a company as a corporate pilot, but my job title has been an automotive computer marketing and Internet development consultant.  What an eye opening experience as far as a market driven business, very fun and profitable, we sell approximately 1/3 of our vehicles off the Internet!  I am not talking about people stopping in and saying they saw something on-line, I am talking about people who inquired about a vehicle, and we took them from inquiry to sale and finance.  Even in this economy, we continue to have record setting month and record setting sales every year. 

Over time, I helped with the Aviation development of Internet business, and found it was easy, because many aviation business lacks the fundamental principles that make money!  It breaks my heart to watch these business ventures, that have declining revenue and a loss of business when there are opportunities to grow the business.  My drive and passion is to be a part of getting General Aviation back to the excitement, value, and enjoyment it offers.